What Exit? (NJPT-’16)


I recently found myself in south (western) Jersey, travelling alone…..yay !
No backseat drivers, AND I could set my own itinerary.
This was a rare occasion.

After I finished my business in Camden, I had a FULL DAY to get back to the 518.
– (FTR; there are a lot of things I miss about New Jersey, CAMDEN aint one of ’em)…

…There’s 240 miles to home, we’ve got a full tank of gas, …and a hungering for some pizza.
But, how much pizza could I eat, and still appreciate it?  One way to find out..

I got an early start, (of course I skipped breakfast).
Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to eat pizza at 9:00 in the morning.

Here’s the tale of my New Jersey Pizza Tour – 2016 edition (NJPT-’16).
Eating my way home, one pie at a time..

I had a few goals, and a few must-see spots.

  1. eat some iconic Trenton Tomato Pie
  2. try Urban Fire
  3. do a “drive by” of “Pizzaland”
  5. Pizzatown USA

I know there are so many more great spots in NJ, unfortunately I only had one day, and one belly.
So, with my pile of Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and Sinatra CD’s at my side, I started my long ride home.


The trip explored multiple styles of pizza, pizza ovens, pizzaiolos, and pizzerias.
I took a look at my own pizza nostalgia, and I took a brief look into some pizza history, as well as some current pizza trends.
I visited some OG icons, as well as a new trendy face in the industry.
I covered allot of ground, and ate allot of pie.

So, grab a bourbon, sit back, and follow along on my cheesy, tomatoey, pizza-journey through the Garden State.


I’ve documented my NJ Pizza Tour in the style of a “choose your own adventure”.

Click here to continue the journey in chronological order with Trenton Pie @ Papas
Click here to jump to Urban Fire. (coming soon)
Click here to jump to Star Tavern
Click here to jump to Pizzatown USA. (coming soon)

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