“there is magic in the night” (NJPT-’16) Pizza Town USA

This post is part of my New Jersey Pizza Tour-2016 (NJPT-’16)
The NJPT-’16 is documented in the style of a “choose your own adventure”.

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Let’s end the trip with a smile.
I spent the day travelling through the great Garden State eating alot of cheesy, doughy pizza.
I still had a few hours of NYS Thruway driving ahead of me. But I knew a trip to
Pizza Town USA was in order.
You can’t help yourself but smile when you go to Pizza Town USA..
Come on…it’s an 8 foot tall illuminated Uncle Sam and a G-I-A-N-T neon red

Everything about Pizza Town USA makes me smile.


Had I lived near Pizza Town USA during my high school days I’m sure I would have ended many late, weekend nights eating some cheesy, Pizza Town pizza.
Fortunately I had a White Castle nearby to wash down all that underage beer.
Pizza Town seems to be a perfect place to go late-late at night when you really should be home in bed.

Pizza Town is fairly close to the NJ Parkway (exit 157), but for some reason I can never get there directly.
It always involves some dicey last minute lane changes (no problem for a Jersey Guy) and maybe even some back-tracking

For me, Pizza Town is 90% atmosphere and 10% pizza.
I go there because it makes me feel good.
It’s got a certain nostalgic feel to it, old-timey hand-painted signs, on some
wonderful “drive-in” roadside architecture.





Like most of these iconic road-side places, they know how to push food out of that small window.
Always fast, friendly service at PizzaTown USA.
For instance, I naively ordered my zeppole WITH my pizza/calzone order.
The guy at the counter knew I didn’t really want my zeppole yet….
..”Let me give you your zeppole when you’re done with your food, they’re better fresh”
YES, of course they’re better fresh…Thank you.
That simple gesture tells me you know what you’re doing AND you care about me, and my Pizza Town experience.

The food at Pizza Town USA is simply fine.
The pizza is pretty good, if you like calzone, you need to try theirs.
You may love them, you may not.
Their zeppole are, well, they’re zeppole.. It’s difficult to make a truly great one, so mediocre is acceptable.

Pizza Town USA - UP/DN
Pizza Town USA – UP/DN


But you’re not going out of your way to Pizza Town for the food.
You’re going there to smile.
So relax, take it all in…and smile..I did.

So what did we learn on the great NJPT-’16?
Was it worth it?
Did I accomplish my goals?

i think yes..yes..

I ate allot of pizza..admittedly there were times during the day when my belly hurt.
Fortunately there was time between stops to digest a bit.
This type of pizza eating takes a bit of determination and dedication (and probably some stupid-stubborness)

In reflection, I think it was a wonderful pizza tour through my home state.

We looked at a few classic pizza styles, at a few different pizza oven types, and at a a few different pizzerias.
We visited a few OG pizzerias, as well as a trendy new-comer.
We took a walk down memory lane and looked into my own pizza nostalgia.

I ate allot of pizza.
The trip helped me learn a bit about what I like and what I don’t like in a pizza.
In comparing the day’s varied experiences, I also learned that it’s not just about
the cheese, tomato, and crust.
It’s also about the experience.
It’s about leaving with a smile (or not).

I think the NJPT-’16 was a great start to this blog.

So whats next for OCtG?
There’s certainly more to see (and eat) in NJ but that will be for another time.

I think next I’ll focus on some local (518) pizza heros.
Hopefully I can pace myself better and won’t have to eat so much in one day.

I’ll paraphrase some of what I say in my OCtG Manifesto..

“…..My objective with OCtG is to better understand my preferences, opinions, and personal definitions of different things (like pizza).
Hopefully you’ll use the site to do the same…….

I hope my experiences help you understand what is important to you, and that you look at whatever it is, with a more analytical eye….

I hope in reading about my experiences and my opinions, you’ll think about your own experiences differently.
I hope together, we can determine what we each really love, and why.

I know there are a ton-o’ blogs out there, all competing for your time.
Just give me a chance, check back every now and then, follow me on Twitter (@OneCheesetoGo), and send me your insight (but keep your grammatical edits to yourself).

I can also be reached via email: OneCheesetoGo@Gmail.com

Now go eat some pizza (and smile).

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