An OCtG Manifesto (sorta)


I “grew-up” in New Jersey, but technically have lived the majority of my life in the 518, on the “right side of the river”.
I love it here, but I still consider myself a Jersey Guy.

I have a strong opinion of a few things; things like: pizza, bourbon, Troy, hospitality, the restaurant industry, and a few others…

I have an odd obsession with pizza, a love for Troy, and some days an equally strong, but unrelated love for bourbon.
Im a decent cook, indoors and outdoors.

I research things way too much, especially before I spend money.

I’ll try to focus on the positive but I also want to be helpful, and sometimes that will mean pointing out the bad.

I’ll be using this site to document my journeys (pizza and otherwise).
At times my posts will take the form of a “review” but my objective isn’t necessarily to be a “food review blog”, there are plenty of good ones out there already.
Each particular “review” will be part of a larger exploration, more of a means to an end.
My objective here is to better understand my preferences, opinions, and personal definitions of different things (like pizza).
Hopefully you’ll use this site to do the same.
So keep in mind, when I discuss a particular pizza, pizzeria, or pizzaiolo, it’s not necessarily to influence your decision about patronage.
I would rather my experience helps you understand what is important to you, and that you look at whatever it is, with a more analytical eye.
If I talk about a particular pizza in Trenton, Boston, or Savannah, I don’t expect you to actually go there.
But I hope in reading about my experiences and my opinions, you’ll think about your own experiences differently.
I hope together, we can determine what we each really love, and why.

But be warned, I will sometimes make up words to suit my needs, and I have no editorial staff.

I know there are a ton-o’ blogs out there, all competing for your time.
Just give me a chance, check back every now and then, follow me on Twitter (@OneCheesetoGo), and send me your insight (but keep your grammatical edits to yourself).

I can also be reached via email:
Now go eat some pizza.